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In a world where anxiety is high, confidence is wavering, comparison is crippling, fear is paralyzing, connection is difficult, and mental wellness is being challenged… athletes need coaches who are equipped to mentor them through it all.
Are your athletes experiencing some of these challenges in their lives?

Do you struggle to connect with them because they are disconnected, distant, fearful, wrestling with lack of confidence or feelings of insecurity and anxiety?

Coaches are some of the most influential leaders in a young person’s life. Our words, body language, and attitudes can lead our athletes toward success and encourage them to become the best version of themselves. Our approach to leadership and communication can create healthy cultures where athletes are able to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Do you want to help your athletes connect, communicate, and perform with more confidence?

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Head Coach University of Illinois Women's Gymnastics

Author of Enough: A Coach's Guide to Creating a Culture Every Athlete Deserves

Creator of Elite and Mental Training Clinics
Nadalie Walsh is the head women’s gymnastics coach at the University of Illinois, a position she’s held since 2017. She has also served as head coach at Utah State University, Ball State University and the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, her alma mater. By putting athletes first and daring them to believe, she has made transformational gains at each program, and now she’s sharing her insights with you.

Using a heart-first approach, Nadalie’s philosophy is and always has been athlete driven. Through this workbook, she shares techniques on how to unlock potential and lean into a deep and lasting belief in your abilities. She breathes life into the concept, ‘You are enough.’

In a world that too often tries to rip that from you, learning ways to shift yourself back into focus is paramount to success, not only as an athlete, but as a human being.

"As her very first college recruit, I can attest that Nadalie’s greatest strength is her authentic belief. This confidence is so compelling, so pervasive, so profound, that it has a lasting impact on athletes and programs. When you’re coached by Nadalie, you can’t help but believe in yourself. You are strong. You are respected. You are enough. And there is no greater gift than that."

- Vanessa (Virbitsky) Zink
Chief Communications Officer, Colorado Springs
Former US Olympic and Paralympic  Marketing Communications Manager
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Gymnast

Here's What Athletes Are Saying...

When Nadalie Walsh came into our program, she completely transformed our culture and confidence. Her leadership style brought a freedom and joy I have never experienced before. During my gymnastics career prior to meeting her, I had multiple injuries and very often felt miserable. I vividly remember her dancing around the gym, bringing encouragement and smiles to the faces of teammates who I typically did not see smile very often. She encouraged each of us to unpack our heavy backpacks that we were carrying so that we could be free from stress, self-doubt and fear. She brought love to a team that was ultimately just surviving and taught us how to thrive. Without Nadalie, our team, my friends and I, would not have the love for ourselves that we do today. Personally, I went from training one event for two years, to competing and contributing on 3 events because of how the environment Nadalie created empowered and believed in me. Her leadership brought three key factors into the program, faith, belief, and trust. Without her, I wouldn’t be the coach or person I am today. She is amazing women, leader, and mentor and I hope all coaches who read this book can help their athletes find the same freedom and joy in their sport that I found.

~Rachael Donovan
Michigan  State Assistant Women's Gymnastics Coach
University of Illinois Gymnast, 2015-2019
The two years Nadalie was my coach were truly some of the hardest years of my life outside the gym but were certainly my best years from a gymnastics standpoint. This was simply a testament to her coaching style and the fact that she truly values the person before the athlete. Nadalie has such a keen way of expecting and pushing greatness out of an athlete while reminding them their worth doesn’t lie in their gymnastics or their performance. Having a coach that values you for the person you are more than the athlete you are allows for freedom on the gymnastics floor leading not only to measurable results in meets, but immeasurable results in life. I continue to take Nadalie’s philosophy and tools into my daily life with struggles or adversity I face. Nadalie is so much more than a coach; she is a mentor that is ready to lock arms with each girl and walk through some of the most defining years of their life

~ Haylee Roe
Clinical Reimbursement Coordinator
University of Illinois Gymnast 2015-2019

Utah State University Gymnast, 2013-2017“You’ve Always Had the Power my Dear”... This simple scene from the Wizard of Oz between Glinda and Dorothy, encapsulates perfectly my 5 years as an athlete under Coach Walsh at both UWO and BSU. As a coach, she empowers her athletes to trust their own powers and know they already have ‘ENOUGH’ to accomplish everything they want. Thank you, Nadalie, for always believing in me but more importantly, allowing me to always believe in myself.
~ Teresa Phipps
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Gymnast, 2004-2007
Ball State University Gymnast, 2007-2009
NCAA Regional All Around Qualifier, 2009

Nadalie’s consistent emphasis on personal growth and development enabled each student-athlete on our team, including myself, to be confident in their own God-given abilities and strengths, all the while working to fine tune those skills as we worked to become the best versions of ourselves. As much as personal growth was encouraged, the culture that she created also placed equal importance on cooperation, teamwork, and open lines of communication. All of which were the building blocks for an increasingly successful program year after year. Bettering yourself as an individual and constantly growing closer as teammates and friends fostered an environment that not only produced excellent student-athletes, but also well rounded, confident people as well.

~ Katie (Brown) Gibbons
Owner of Weddings by K & Co
Utah State University Gymnast, 2013-2017
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